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Involvement in a process Health Safety Environment

For continuous performance improvement of its management system and while meeting the needs of customers and also to ensure a reliable management system that induces improved customer satisfaction, health performance, safety labor and environment, 2I [Ivoire Ingénierie in Ivory Coast]was part of an HSE approach.

Promoting a safe and secure work environment by improving working conditions;
create an adequate working environment for employees; reduce the number of accidents / incidents at work; eliminate any causes of incidents and accidents; eliminate and reduce by preventing risks to life, health and safety of staff and security of facilities and business assets; train staff in the field of security.

To prevent and reduce pollution through sound management of waste and to promote recycling and effluent treatment and a good collection of used oils; preserve natural resources; protect ecosystems and biodiversity of species.


Quality System


2i is committed to a quality process for a better guarantee of the future and total customer satisfaction.

Its Quality Management System is defined according to ISO 9001.
It revolves around the following axes:

  • Develop the skills and commitment of our staff while ensuring their safety both in workshops and construction sites to move towards 0 accident.
  • Customer satisfaction through compliance with their requirements and regulations aspiring to 0 default.
  • Increasing our efficiency by optimizing the use of our resources by moving towards 0 waste.

Ensure implementation, respecting the provisions and provide the necessary resources to ensure continuity and continuous improvement of the quality system; THIS IS OUR COMMITMENT.

ISO 9001, Quality System

2I [Ivory Engineering] in Angola


With over 40 years of experience, 2i [Ivory Engineering], by its dynamism and seriousness, now exports its expertise in industry beyond the borders of Côte d'Ivoire, in Africa.

2I: a a long standing industrial presence in Angola.

2I summurize a total of 4 years of presence in Angola through the company Vidreira of Angola Sarl (part of Castel Group), specialized in the manufacture of beer bottles. This plant is located 14 km from Luanda, capital of Angola on the road to Cacuaco.

Teams of boilermakers, carpenters, welders, fitters and roofers have worked hard and with professionalism on the various industrial society sites.

In addition, the safety brought to the forefront has achieved a remarkable result of zero accidents. All this, under the supervision of two chiefs: SYLLA Siaka aka "lion" for his speed and skill and Saindou KAMAGATE for his precision work.

The works consisted in the assembly of rings, installation of silos, the implementation of the roofing and siding of all metal frame buildings and sheds, installation of rackets, installation of carriers, elevators, hoppers and bottle manufacturing robots in factories in different cities of the country which are Vidrul, Cobeje, Cabinda, Lobito.

At the end of the works, its efficiency and seriousness led the industrial customer to keep some elements of our team to ensure the maintenance of its equipment according to up-to-date industry standards.
To date, the team accounts of seven people.

Chefs de chantier Equipe industrielle Silo et structure métallique Bottling plant Charpente metallique et génie civil Metal structure and civil engineering Construction usine d'embouteillage en Angola Gateway - passerelle metallique, usine Charpente metallique et génie civil Silo et structure métallique

plant, Angola, Castel, beer, bottling

Training: sensitization of occupational hazards


Reduce workplace accidents

In order to minimize accidents, the General Management of 2I, in addition to preventive measures on construction sites and in the workshops, initiated a training which had the theme "Awareness of occupational hazards."
From 14 to 23 May 2012, the training was held in 2I headquarters.

It was moderated by Guy Francis Kajeu GHOMDIM from APAVE INTERNATIONAL.

Injonctions: Observe the individual, the task, the hardware and the ambient to detect and eradicate the danger. This screening technique of danger will lead to the development of a single document that will guide the security for the entire company and for all visitors. Participants in this course have been satisfied and wanted more training to further strengthen this basis in order to strive for zero accidents as required by Executive Management.

Nodier FAHE

Formation professionnelle

training, workplace hazazds, construction site

2I grows up


Its equipments too

In order to be more efficient and competitive on the market, 2i recently acquired a brand new crane GROVE GMK 6250-type with a capacity of 250 tons.

Grue Grove

Grue Grove

crane, Grove, 250 tons, GMK 6250

ALLABRA (Riviera 3, Abidjan, Ivory Coast)


Construction site completed

The ALLABRA building site is a hypermarket built in Cocody precisely the Rivera 3. 2i has been requested by the developer for the realization of structural steel.
The work was led by Mr. Leopold N'TONDO LOE, the site supervisor.

These images shows the site upon completion.

Allabra Allabra

Allabra Allabra

construction site, Abidjan, Riviera, steel construction, structure, framework, Cocody

Discovering 2I construction sites


SOBRAGUI in Guinea Conakry

SOBRAGUI (Brewery Company of Guinea) is a firm specialized in the production of alcoholic beverages and fruit juices. The plant is located in the center of Conakry in the Madina district near the largest market in the country. The team that 2i sent in Guinea for the execution of the works consisted of five people led by Siaka Sylla, site supervisor. He was helped in his task by:

  • KONE Adama,
  • WAHI Guy,
  • KONATE, Oumar and
  • CISSE Laciné.

The main mission that has been assigned is the erection of a building above an existing first.

The narrowness of the construction site, the large concentration of population in this environment and climatic constraints have hampered the implementation. But, as argued by the team leader "we have successfully done the job and within the time, thanks to the strength of my team and the support of the managing team that I congratulate:

  • MM. SCHERER, Technical Director,
  • BECHLER, Project Manager and
  • Kodjo, Deputy Project Manager.

I also say a big thank you to all parties of the production for the simple reason that I have not encountered any technical difficulties during the assembly ".

Construction métallique Construction métallique

Construction métallique Construction métallique

2I, Guinea, Conakry, construction site

Discovering AWI in Ivory Coast


AWI (West Africa Industry) is a soap factory which building was given to 2I. It is located about 2 km from the city of Bonoua in Ivory Coast.

The construction of this plant which is the pride of the city is a realization of 2i.
The works which were made ​​in Bonoua include:

  • construction and assembly of the soap factory,
  • the construction of the metering station
  • the carrier's room,
  • the weighing room,
  • of the boiler,
  • of the water tank,
  • area of the tanks,
  • the weighbridge,
  • the room dedicated to the main generator,
  • gas tank,
  • the cooling tower,
  • the settling zone,
  • staff changing rooms.

Through its cost-performance ratio and dynamism, 2i could meet the demand of West Africa Industry [AWI].

To achieve this, Ivoire Ingénierie (Ivory Engineering) had to mobilize its best teams.
civil engineering team was led by Ehouman Aka, site manager, assisted by BAMBA Vassidiki, chief wrecker, Kondo Augustus, team leader and three masonry machinists.
The work consisting of a steel structure was assembled by KAMAGATE "bulldozer" Gaoussou, site manager.
A crane was needed to set up primary and secondary structures of the plant. Finally, equipment installation and finishing works were executed by CAMARA Moussa.
Angel LOGBO Didier, assured strict compliance with safety standards advocated and enacted by Ivory Engineering. In doing so, its primary mission was to educate and monitor staff in this regard.

AWI à Bounoua, Côte d'IvoireAWI : tank zone. Ville : Bounoua, Côte d'Ivoire

AWI, plant, factory, soap factory, construction, installation

Ivoire Ingénierie: Actions, prospects and development


Meeting between 2I General Managing Team and its staff

On Saturday, January 22, 2011, a briefing took place, convened by the General Managing Team of Ivoire Ingénierie (Ivory Engineering) (2I).
Two key points were the order of the day: analysis of 2010 and ongoing actions for 2011.

Taking the first speech, the delegate to Kouabenan Kissi Arsene thanked the general managing team for its presence among workers. He then gave the floor to the CEO, Mr. Bile, for him to speak.
Mr Bile first expressed good wishes to all staff and their families prior to his presentation.

Outlook 2011

2I just signed a major contract with SACO-San Pedro.
General Management intends to continue its development efforts by:

  • The introduction of the use of scanners in the workshops with Bocad PS software
  • The acquisition of a new 35-ton crane
  • The ordering of a new Vernet digital machine specialized in plasma cutting and punching

Before closing, the Deputy General Manager has urged workers to maintain solidarity in their work, promote good practice punctuality, respect for the material, dedication and teamwork.

The staff could then ask some questions with themes such as transportation of personnel, training, housing, etc. ...

2I, oxycutting, plasma, cutting, punching Vernet, CNC